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Creative team leader. Digital strategist. 

iOS & Android

iOS & Android

  • communication & digital strategy

  • copywriting & journalism

  • user experience / customer-focused design

  • online content & social media
    (verified Twitter account)

  • customer service operations

  • lean six sigma certification

  • good humor & bad puns

  • considered for a 2018 Pulitzer Prize in Local Journalism

As a creative leader and manager, I know how to grow and support a team from the ground up. 

As a digital strategist and writer, I’m always seeking new ways of connecting with an audience, and am a sucker for a beautiful, intuitive design.

Start-up travel company

Start-up travel company

I notice the details because customers notice the details.

I've worn different hats and taken on different roles in corporate, start-up, agency, government and freelance environments. I've created websites, blogs, mobile apps, software, magazine ads and even a microbrew beer label.

I've been lucky to have worked with some amazing people, and fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead some of those people on various teams. Each person has made me better professionally and personally.

I founded Petworth News in 2015, a popular hyperlocal news site in Washington DC that was recently considered for a Pulitzer Prize, and am a contributing writer for the Washington Post. Story-telling and connecting with an audience — no matter the platform — is a focus of my professional and personal goals.

See my professional experience on LinkedIn and my resume.