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An eDiscovery firm & a community for heritage travel.

Freelance design and content for Logikull.com

Cool ideas that each took different directions after the "Great Recession."

I've worked with two start-ups on freelance and full-time basis; one is now one of the largest eDiscovery technology companies in the industry.

Logikcull started in 2004 as Logik Systems, providing electronic data discovery to legal firms. I created their web marketing for the first several years on a freelance basis, helping to shape their voice and direction. Logikcull is now based out of San Francisco and is the leading eDiscovery firm in the U.S. (Here's a recent Business Insider overview.) I also helped them create their own beer label.

After AOL, I worked full-time at another start up, Gozaic. While it didn't survive the "Great Recession," the idea was really cool. 

Gozaic.com wanted to be an online social network and travel-booking site that could effectively tap into the $70 billion heritage and cultural travel industry, supported by a 65+ year old non-profit parent, the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Start-up cultural travel site

I led the web design and development, social media and customer service teams as the Director of Customer Experience. I also traveled to the Philippines to stand up our call center operations (and created the knowledge base and customer interaction call flows using Salesforce.com).

Gozaic was a portal offering one place to find destinations, book tickets, hotels and more, while being able to connect with other like-minded travelers who were passionate and interested in the same niche travel. 

The Gozaic site supported online communities around historic and culturally relevant destinations. Customers could easily create itineraries, instantly purchase from the cheapest travel sites and share their itineraries with friends and family. The site also offered topical blogs with subject matter experts (birding was pretty popular). It was a social and ecommerce site.

Gozaic managed to get one television commercial (preceding a Ken Burns documentary) and a small and engaged customer base; however, it couldn't survive the economy at the time. Below the video are some examples.