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A clean design that tells a story.

Stars and Stripes redesign

Tell a story, share information and get the audience to take an action.

A website should be easy to use. It needs an intuitive design that doesn't call attention to the back-end system and pays attention to the details. 

I have experience with waterfall, lean UX, human-centric design and Agile processes, and now follow a modified lean approach. I start every project with a strategy and ideation, while design begins with mood boards, and the development follows an iterative approach. 

I have managed web design and development since the mid-1990s, and mobile app development for iOS and Android since 2011. I’ve launched a paywall-based subscription system for both apps and web, CRM and CMS systems, work with 508 compliance and managing the customer service process post-launch. 


Here's just a few examples: